Discovering Royal Docks

Discovering Royal Docks

We're opening a building in the area! So we thought we'd take you on a little wander of the surroundings.

We're lucky to have a childcare centre, microbrewery, coffee shop and gym as neighbours, so you're never more than about 20 seconds away from some of life's essentials.

Good Hotel

There's a lot that's good about the Good Hotel. It's a floating hotel, bought over from Amsterdam. They locally source their materials and food, and much of the furniture is up-cycled. They provide training and employment to unemployed locals, and support low–income families living in the mountain villages around Antigua, Guatemala, where their original boutique hotel is based.

Its restaurant, bar and rooftop bar serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It's a 10 minute walk from our Royal Docks building. Website.

Wakeup Docklands & The Beach

For a bit of city beach and water sports action, head on over to Wakeup Docklands! Just round the corner from the Good Hotel.

10 Minute Walk | Website