We're so so lucky to be surrounded by so many great coffee shops. These are our favourites closest to the office.

Prufrock Coffee

Leather Lane - 1 minute walk from us | map

When we first started hanging out here 7 years ago, it felt like just a (really nice) local coffee house. It's now a bit of a "thing" - featuring in enough "top x coffee places in London".

But to us, it's still a cosy local coffee shop. Besides exceptional coffee they also have really great food, all made from sustainable locally-sourced produce.

Department of Coffee & Social Affairs

Leather Lane - 1 minute walk from us | map

Seriously good coffee, snacks, and lovely people. Like Prufrock they've been around for a while too (this is their original location... they now have quite a few), and a strong social impact mission.

The Attendant

Leather Lane - 1 minute walk from us | map

A cosy little place, one of a few... we originally discovered Attendant in Shoreditch and were thrilled when they opened up near us. Probably one of our favourite closest brunch options.

A little further afield (<10 min walk)

  • J+A Cafe - full of character, with an outdoor terrace and turns into a wine bar in the evening.
  • Ask for Janice - another one of our favourites, and host to a few of our socials. Great for brunch and turns into a bar & eatery in the evening.
  • Look mum no hands! - an old-timer, it's the bikers favourite, has a lovely outdoor area and a bike repair workshop - get your bike maintained or repaired while enjoying some coffee or food :)
  • Exmouth Market Grind - a lovely place, with a good amount of outdoor seating, on a lovely street – Exmouth Market
  • Redemption Roasters - roasted in prison, and staffed by ex-offenders, Redemption helps offenders successfully reintegrate into society, training them in professional roasters and barista skills.
  • Catalyst Coffee - they roast their coffee in the basement, and their minimalist, clean vibe is nice and refreshing sometimes
  • Joe & the Juice - we might get told off by some for including them in this list, but they're a comfy, juicy spot full of vitamins